Professional Traders Open an Offshore Trading Account at Investors Europe Stockbrokers for PrivacyThis is why Banks, Asset Managers, Introducing Brokers, Hedge Funds and Prime Brokers come to investorseurope :-

  1. ACCESS to the world’s greatest choice of online trading platforms and the greatest GLOBAL REACH in terms of markets and financial products.
  2. PRICING: Greatest prices for execution and clearing, based on volume traded. Offshore your existing clients into your own offshore trading envelope, at no extra cost. No stamp duty or VAT of any kind is levied in Gibraltar.
  3. SEAMLESSNESS: Back Office Services can be tailored to your institutional needs or provided direct to your end clients, in keeping with your requirements.
  4. PRIVACY: Using nominee trading accounts, no matter the size of the trade, institutions can enter world markets, do volume, without revealing their trading footprint.
  5. QUALITY: Unlike the vast majority of stock brokers, Investors Europe takes NO positions, is a pure execution-only broker and does NO proprietary trading of any kind. Clean Execution. No possibility of a conflict of interest.
  6. PROTECTION: FACT: investorseurope offers MORE protection to clients than onshore brokers in Europe; investorseurope uses MiFID as its benchmark and segregates and margins client trading accounts, online, on an individual basis.
  7. INDEPENDENCE: investorseurope Gibraltar was set up in 2001. investorseurope Mauritius was launched in 2013. Both are privately owned and have no links with any other financial institutions.
  8. TECHNOLOGYinvestorseurope has invested heavily in automated online trading technology and online trading platforms over the decade. In 2016, investorseurope was a Fintech Finalist (“Best in Class for Proprietary Technology & APIs”) at the Benzinga Fintech Awards.

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Banks Open Trading Accounts at Investors Europe Stockbrokers for the Privacy of clients @offshorebroker