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Trade ETFs

Offshore brokerage of Exchange traded funds (ETFs) at Offshore Stock Brokers Investors Europe continues to increase at a very high pace. ETFs are low cost index funds that trade like stocks on a stock exchange. ETFs are securities certificates that state legal right of ownership over part of a basket of individual stock certificates; they can be bought and sold throughout the market day at intraday prices, rather than at end-of day prices and offer exposure to the world's leading indexes. Investors may also use normal stock trading techniques such as limit orders, buying on margin, and selling short. Exchange traded funds are popular because they offer:
  • Lower Expense Ratios : The expense ratios of ETFs are consistently lower than actively managed mutual funds, without sacrificing quality.
  • Trading Flexibility : ETFs trade throughout the market day and can be bought and sold at the click of a button.
  • Tactical Investment Strategies : ETFs open up a universe of sophisticated investment strategies such as covered call writing, cash management, hedging etc.
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