Euronext Lisbon was formed in 2002 when the shares of Bolsa de Valores de Lisboa e Porto (BVLP) were acquired by Euronext N.V. and the exchange was merged into the pan-European exchange.


Nowadays Euronext is the first genuinely cross-border exchange which is the second largest exchange in Europe behind the London Stock Exchange.

It provides international services for regulated Cash Markets and Derivative Markets in Belgium, France, the Uk (derivatives), the Netherlands and Portugal.

The main index is the PSI-20 (Portuguese Stock Index).

The PSI-20 is a stock market index of stocks that trade on Euronext Lisbon. It reflects the evolution of the prices of the 20 largest and most liquid share issues selected from the universe of companies listed on the Portuguese Main Market.

The PSI-20 is used as a benchmark for the Portuguese stock market.

Euronext Lisbon stock exchange, a part of the Pan-European Euronext group, has many other companies listed (which are not included in the PSI-20 index).

Euronext manages a variety of indexes. The most popular index is the Euronext 100, which consists of the 100 largest stocks on Euronext. This index is essentially Euronext’s blue chip index.