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Managing Director

Pierre Boulle, MBA
Pierre Boulle; Pierre B. Boulle is Managing Director of investorseurope, which was founded by him in 2001, after having worked in Executive positions for various International Banks and Brokers in Lisbon and London, including BNP Paribas and Banco Popular. During this period, Pierre very successfully built up two stockbrokers from scratch for European banks. His previous management experience was as a Senior Executive of De Beers Diamonds and other independent diamond mining operators during which period he negotiated, set up and ran various diamond mines throughout the developing world. One of these included the World Bank (IFC) as partner. Pierre holds an MBA in International Business, is a qualified analyst and licensed to trade many of the cash and derivative products on EURONEXT markets. Pierre Boulle's MBA Thesis was based on Diamond Marketing in the Developing World.

Welcome to Investors Europe!

Dear Investors,
                    As Managing Director, it is my pleasure to invite you to ‘Trade the World from the Rock’ with investorseurope. The Rock of Gibraltar more than anything else symbolises what we have to offer: Solidity, Integrity and a highly personalized approach to each and every investor’s needs using our unique infrastructure of OTPs (Offshore Trading Platforms.). Gibraltar, as the backdrop for our operations, offers the Key Strategic Advantages of:


  • enabling our clients to effortlessly trade from wherever they want using our offshore trading platforms.
  • being the only Common Law jurisdiction in Mainland Europe, a very efficient and practical base, indeed, from which to work on your behalf.
Gibraltar is a full member of the European Union and undergoing a period of unprecedented expansion, with the financial sector at the forefront. Investors now want more from their financial intermediaries and their expectations are  for an independent turn-key approach to trading and to investment. This is precisely where we come in. We offer all our clients the possibility of investing smoothly and efficiently according to their needs using our unique OTP infrastructure of trading platforms. Once our clients have opened up their offshore trading account, we either find the best investment managers to manage their assets or simply hand over the key to their OTP (Offshore Trading Platform) for them to start ‘Trading the World from The Rock’.
Pierre Bertrand Boulle, MBA
Managing Director

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