Investors Europe’s (“IEL”) Internship will enable you, under supervision, to:

  1. – Become trained to become a Stock Broker
  2. – Learn how to work with existing and new company clients
  3. – Deal and actively resolve client technology, trading and settlement problems
  4. – Learn about trading, clearing and settlement operations
  5. – Learn how to work with 30+ online trading platforms
  6. – Learn sales and CRM techniques
  7. – Learn how to place orders
  8. – Learn how to transfers position, where -and if- relevant
  9. – Learn how commissions on products are calculated

In sum, it is a positive experience about what the life of a modern stock broker involves.  For you to be accepted as an intern IEL requires:

  1. – Minimum 2nd/3rd year student
  2. – Ability to adapt and integrate into a multicultural working environment
  3. – Ability to interact with clients of many nationalities
  4. – Integrity and honesty
  5. – Good English, verbal and written
  6. – Sales orientated approach
  7. – Good broad knowledge of the financial world

This internship is not a paid internship however IEL will take care of food and accommodation, normally in a beach bungalow, in Mauritius.

At the end of the internship at Investors Europe, apart from the usual evaluation of the student for his university, the Directors will write a specific career reference for the best interns in keeping with the commitment and individual enterprise they have shown as trainee stock brokers.


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