Investors Europe offers a flexible way to trade stock indices on margin using CFDs. These instruments have some important advantages over conventional exchange-traded stock index futures contracts:
24-hour dealing
Prices are quoted on leading stock indices even when the underlying markets are closed.
Risk protection
You can trade stock indices with Limited Risk, so your maximum possible loss is known exactly in advance.
Index-based prices
The price quoted is based on the level of the index, not the future. So you do not need to worry about changes in the level of premium or discount between the future and the index.
No expiries
A CFD position on a stock index remains open until you decide to close it. There are no automatic expiries or roll-overs to worry about.
Flexible transaction sizes
You do not need to deal in a round number of contracts. Provided your transaction is above the minimum size (normally one contract), you can deal in fractions of a contract. Mini contracts are also offered for most stock indices.
Immediate execution
A price will be quoted to you and you can deal immediately. It is not necessary to ‘work an order’ in the market