The Copenhagen Stock Exchange (CSE) is an international marketplace for Danish securities, including shares, bonds, Treasury bills and notes, financial futures and options.

CSE is one of the OMX Exchanges. Within this partnership, other exchanges to be mentioned are the Stockholm Stock Exchange, the Helsinki Stock Exchange, the Riga Stock Exchange, the Tallin Stock Exchange and the Vilnius Stock Exchange.

Through these different Exchanges, OMX offers access to approximately 80 percent of the Nordic and Baltic securities markets with greater ease and value-adding services for trading members, listed companies, investors and other market participants.

The main index is the OMSC20 (the Copenhagen Stock Exchange’s tradable index).

The OMXC20 Index comprises 20 share classes, selected on the basis of highest turnover in terms of market value (i.e. the most frequently traded shares) and on a liquidity criterion.

The index is calculated in DKK, and share classes that are traded in other currencies are currently translated into DKK.