In Belgium, the main financial center is the Brussels Stock Exchange (BSE).


It merged on September 22, 2000 with the Paris Bourse and the Stock Exchanges of Amsterdam, to form Euronext N.V., the first pan-European exchange for equities and derivatives, with common trading and clearing of all products, and was renamed Euronext Brussels.

Nowadays Euronext is the first genuinely cross-border exchange which is the second largest exchange in Europe behind the London Stock Exchange.

It provides international services for regulated Cash Markets and Derivative Markets in Belgium, France, the Uk (derivatives), the Netherlands and Portugal.

The main index is the BEL-20.

The BEL-20 is the index on Euronext Brussels that comprises the top 20 major companies of Belgium.

Euronext manages a variety of indexes. The most popular index is the Euronext 100, which consists of the 100 largest stocks on Euronext. This index is essentially Euronext’s blue chip index.